These services are provided in-house at the customer’s own premises whether at our facilities dedicated to one single customer under exclusivity.


The in-house facility offering may consist of 1) Logistics and warehousing or 2) including industrial activities where we take care of the entire logistics processes, material handling and any kind of manufacturing support.


These services are provided at our own facilities. Under this model our customers benefit from the synergies of shared premises and resources, however the specific requirements of each and every customer are guaranteed at any moment.


We take care of the reception and storage of the goods, order preparation and dispatching through state-of-the-art technologies ensuring you the highest quality standards according to our continuous improvement philosophy.


At our facilities we can offer high value-added services, like:

  • Promotional logistics

A professional and dedicated team allows us to offer you high quality services like labelling, relabelling, re- and copacking, kitting and other dedicated services, always at the place of your convenience.

  • Fully authorized and certificated Tax & Customs Warehouse

(as well for all kinds of beverages and spirits). Duties, VAT and Special Taxes are with us in the right hands. As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Alfil Logistics offers an advisory for your entire business and trade opportunities.

  • Tailor-made services

Our team performs on a wide range of activities such as maintenance and reparation of handling / packaging materials, Returnables, Reverse and packaging Logistics, Cleaning services, Bulk into palletized handling and packing, Sorting.


It’s not just warehousing and looking after your goods.

It’s not just correctly preparing fulfilment of your orders and complying with your customers’ requirements.

It’s more than delivering orders within a deadline.

It’s not just handling the product to meet the requested standards of your sales and marketing department.

And it’s not just providing the requested information to manage your business.

It’s also about making the utmost effort to deliver and improve day after day. Your daily satisfaction, that’s what really matters to us.