Besides our Full and Part Load logistics (Domestics and Crossborder), we offer our customers the best fitting capillarity solutions, thanks to our full Iberian coverage with the highest frequencies for shipments up to 7 pallets.

We call this model our Multi-customer Network. The model consists of a network for packed shipments covering the entire Iberian Peninsula, with more than 60 cross-dock platforms to ensure a high capillarity and a 24-hour overnight service.

Our operational set-up is based on a broad Network where our members collect on a daily basis all your packed orders to our Central (cross dock) Hub in Madrid. From here the distribution of every shipment is planned the way around to every members area. The operational set-up guarantees the shortest lead times and a minimum empty mileage.

In order to enhance the Network efficiency, and in addition to the Central Hub in Madrid, during the year 2016 we opened a Regional Hub in Zaragoza. This initiative allows us even shorter lead times and costs reductions, especially for shipments to and from the north east of Spain.

Considering these very positive aspects of this new regional hub, our business strategy is focused on more openings towards the short future.

Considering the advantages of this new regional hub, our business strategy is focused on future openings.

Advantages of the Network model:

  • Coverage throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.
  • 24-hour delivery commitment.
  • Reduced handling.
  • The daily service is provided by the regional network members, leading to a relationship of trust towards shippers and consignees.
  • The Network offers reverse logistics services based on the same standards and timings.
  • On-demand services are available.
  • In order to ensure you the best rate for any type of pallet / weight bracket, up to 6 formats are available. Both 80 x 120 pallets and 100 x 120 cm pallets fit in the service model.

We are ready to collect and deliver your orders anywhere and within the sharpest timings. On-going trends like reduced stocks, less quantities, higher frequencies, ad-hoc order placements, we are ready for it.